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Transport engineering design

Транспортное проектирование

Department of Transport engineering design of "Oblstroyproekt" operates on designing transport objects and their complexes:

  • Motorroads of categories 1—4
  • logging roads,
  • highways and streets,
  • streets and local roads in residential areas,
  • bridges, overpasses, underpasses.

Within transport engineering design "Oblstroiproekt" performs design of hydraulic structures and their complexes:

  • berths
  • dam
  • runways for loading ships
  • spur tracks for industry,
  • design work on bank protection and dredging.

Completed projects:

  • creation of the concept of a berth with tourist village in the village of Goritsy in Kirillovsky district of Vologda region;
  • DSW on the project " Bank consolidation and P.K. Georgievskiy Embankment improvement in Belozersk town of the Vologda Region ";
  • Development of the project of reconstruction of the Demino-Olkovo road in Vytegra District, Vologda Oblast;
  • Design and survey work on the development of strategies for improving the transport network route in Vologda up to 2025;
  • Design of bridges on the project "The gas pipeline - bend to the cities of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk. "
  • Designing bridges over watercourse of the Varzruchey, the Oboksha river, the Slabozerka river on the access roads to the sites of AZT, launching and receiving nodes, crane pads for the project: "The gas pipeline - bend to the cities of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk."