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Architectural design

Архитектурно-строительное проектирование

Design and Survey Institute "Oblstroyproekt" within the architectural design performs the following tasks:

  • development of a full range of design and working drawings for new construction, expansion, renovation and modernization of industrial and housing and civil buildings and facilities;
  • preparing of schemes of planning organization of land, architectural, design and engineering solutions
  • activities for the restoration of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture);
  • preparing the construction project, demolition and removal of buildings and structures;
  • drafting measures to ensure fire safety, protection of the environment;
  • survey of construction of buildings and structures.

Completed projects:

  • Detailed design for the project: "The Federal Research Training Rescue Centre" Vytegra "Russian Emergency Situations Ministry in Vytegrsky District of Vologda region;
  • Design and survey work on the project "Expansion of Ded Moroz Estate in Veliky Ustyug";
  • DSW on the project: "Ski track with lighted ski slopes in the area of Kiriki-Ulithi, city of Vologda;
  • PIR on the project: "Renovation of the stadium Dynamo";
  • "The bridge over the Kremlin moat" 18 century, Vologda oblast, Belozersk, mound.